Chef Restaurant L’Illa de Rosselló

Chef Restaurant L'Illa de Rosselló

Behind a great restaurant, there is always a creative genius … The Restaurate L’Illa de Rosselló is proud to present its chef: Carles Fabregas. He defines himself as passionate about cooking. Your hobbies? Discover new culinary techniques and perfect your creations. He enjoys cooking, but above all, he likes to innovate in his dishes. Lover of good cuisine, the one from before, which was prepared with great care. He likes healthy cooking very much, which is why all its ingredients must be of proximity and, of course, of quality.

Carles Fabregas studied at the University of Hospitality and Tourism of Sant Pol de Mar. Having completed his university years in this beautiful Catalan coastal town, it is no wonder his love for good Mediterranean food. His beginnings as a chef date back to 1992, the same year he put Barcelona on the map thanks to the organization of the best Olympic games in history. While still studying, he already distinguished himself from the rest and got a great position with the Head Chef of an important restaurant.

During 1992 and 1996 Chef Fabregas worked in large restaurants in France and Germany, but there is one that stands out above all, the German restaurant Im Schiffchen, a beautiful restaurant with a Michelin star. At the end of this enriching experience, Carles Fabregas returned to the Mediterranean as Head Chef of the Menorquino Es Lloc restaurant.

For more than 20 years since Chef Carles Fabregas returned to the national kitchen, and during all these years of experience, he has perfected his techniques giving a very personal touch to each of his creations. The gastronomic offer of our restaurant is the result of years of perfectionism. It should be added that Chef Carles is not completely alone, he has made a great team of professionals who collaborate every day to offer a quality meal.