Restaurantes para San Valentín

Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and Evenia Rosselló awaits you! There are many restaurants for celebrating Valentine’s Day in Barcelona, ​​but few features a delightful menu filled with surprises. Enjoy an exquisite Valentine’s dinner in a hidden corner in the centre of Barcelona.

Is there anything more romantic than a dinner for a couple? A succulent gastronomic offer prepared with love and taking care of every detail. This is what you can expect from L’Illa de Rosselló, a beautiful restaurant that every year tries to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day in the best way. We assure you that among the many restaurant options for Valentine’s Day, L’Illa de Rosselló will offer you the best option to enjoy a pleasant evening.

This restaurant has a special magic, not only for its exquisite culinary offer but it is also its environment. Illa de Rosselló is a restaurant for Valentine’s Day with a terrace, which we assure you is one of the best-kept secrets of Eixample. This restaurant stands out for offering you exquisite attention, the one you deserve, thanks to its great team of professionals who take care of every last detail so you can enjoy a pleasant evening.

Undoubtedly, Illa de Rosselló is the perfect option to celebrate an occasion as special as Valentine’s Day. How about surprising your partner with an exquisite Valentine’s dinner? Enjoy a fabulous Valentine’s day with your significant other and reserve your table right now.