Celiacs Friendly Restaurant in Barcelona

If Spanish food stands out for something, it is for offering a wide range of dishes. Spain is a country with a long history, in addition to having a wide geographical area, and its specific dishes according to the region in which you are. The reason why, in Spain, you will find a great place to taste exquisite options suitable for all audiences, including those who have an intolerance. There are many restaurants for Celiacs Friendly Restaurant in Barcelona, ​​but few can compete with our wonderful Restaurant L’Illa de Rosselló.

In Catalonia, there are more than 7000 celiacs, according to the latest data, and when they want to enjoy a good meal outside, they can not only consume a lot of food, but they must also take special care with “cross-contamination”. Celiac restaurants must have special utensils to prepare dishes for customers with intolerance. Everything must be checked, from the iron to the knife, any minimal error will result in a bad experience for diners. The Associació de Celíacs de Catalunya has created a list of devices that meets all the requirements for a gluten-free meal and of course, the Hotel Evenia Rosselló is within them.

Our Illa de Rosselló has been considered one of the Celiacs Friendly Restaurant in Barcelona that meets all the requirements to offer gluten-free menus. Sounds great, isn’t it? L’Illa de Rosselló always tries to satisfy all its guests, that’s why we have opted to make your life easier and please our customers with intolerances. What do you think if you host your next celebration at our Celiacs Friendly Restaurant?

In Restaurant L’Illa de Rosselló you can taste dishes of the famous Spanish and international cuisine with the necessary ingredients to satisfy your appetite. Check out our “gluten-free” menu.

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