Chef Restaurant L’Illa de Rosselló

Always, behind a great restaurant, there is a creative genius, and in our Restaurant Illa de Rosselló, we not only have one but two chefs of category. In one hand, we have Carles Fàbregas, an enthusiast of the Mediterranean cuisine with a great trajectory, on the other, Walter Villa, a chef from Ecuador with a very well-developed sense of diversity.

Walter Villa studied in Santiago de Guayaquil, he was the head chef at the, now disappeared, Chifa Chinatown restaurant in Quito, Ecuador. Walter, an ambitious chef and eager to eat the world, decided to make Europe his new home and arrived at Evenia Hotels to stay. For the first time as an apprentice, but thanks to a great mentor, Walter became the chef of Illa de Rosselló restaurant.

In our Mediterranean restaurant in Barcelona, he has added that ingredient that makes an ordinary place an exceptional one. Creative, and curious, a chef who is not afraid to risk and provide all dishes with flavour and colour. Chef Walter defines himself as an avant-garde person, who knows how to fuse the ingredients of the new world with those of the old, undoubtedly, this characteristic is not learned but is within his DNA. All the dishes that our chef prepares must be with fresh and of proximity ingredients, selected every day and personally by him.

If you are wondering how his creations are, we can tell you that all of them are harmonious and simple but always taking very good care of every detail, not only in the presentation but also in the taste. Evenia’s chef Carles Fàbregas has found in Walter Villas a great companion, a person who shares his passion for good work in the kitchen. Also, we must say that Chef Villas is not completely alone; he has a great team of professionals who collaborate with him every day to offer a quality culinary offer.