Menu: Illa de Rosselló

Carta de Restaurante L'Illa de Rosselló

The l’Illa del Rosselló restaurant offers a varied menu from Monday to Friday on weekdays. Our menus include drinks and VAT.

Apart from the menu, we offer Chef’s suggestions that vary according to season. Our menu is changed every day, but we have a perennial menu in case you want to take a look at our dishes: Check out the menu.

In addition, in our restaurant, we offer you a weekend menu and a special festive menu.

Weekend menu and holidays from € 25.00.

Culinary offer: The Letter of L’illa de Rosselló

Menu: Illa de Rosselló

The L’Illa de Rosselló restaurant offers you an exquisite culinary offer based on traditional Mediterranean cuisine. For the preparation of our dishes, we use only products of quality and proximity. Our suppliers bring fresh produce, seasonal vegetables and fruits every day, as well as quality fish and seafood. Optimum ingredients in expert hands result in our culinary proposal: Mediterranean cuisine with fusion touches.

Our menu offers a large array of dishes made with local and seasonal products, to maintain the essence of the famous Mediterranean diet. Of course, like any restaurant that boasts traditional Mediterranean cuisine, we also have our specialities: Duck confit, Angus loin and our exquisite vegetable rice with asparagus, are some of our acclaimed dishes.

The dishes of the menu are conceived by a cooking genius, our chef, Carles Fabregas. But not only is it enough to have great ideas, but it is also necessary to have a fabulous team and top quality ingredients. Every day our suppliers arrive with fresh products, of proximity and with the highest quality. Once inside the kitchen, it is where the magic begins and as a result, we obtain quality dishes, with an exquisite flavour.

Illa de Rosselló Winery

Winery: Illa de Rosselló

To make the experience even more sublime, L’Illa de Rosselló has a winery that hosts a varied selection of wines. If you prefer advice on your choice, do not hesitate to ask our maître.