Restaurants with terrace in Barcelona

Restaurante con terraza en Barcelona

There are restaurants with a terrace in Barcelona and then we have fantastic spaces like the one we offer you at the L’Illa de Rosselló restaurant. Our terrace is not conventional, it is not the typical one that is at street level and where you can not disconnect while enjoying a good meal or vermuth. Ours is an open, spacious and spectacular space.

The terrace of L’Illa de Rosselló is located in the place of Joan Brossa, a beautiful park typical of the Eixample district. Here families with children can enjoy an afternoon of laughter and friends, while children run free around the premises.

In addition, thanks to its sheltered situation, during the time you enjoy our beautiful terrace, you will feel as if you had left the city and you will find yourself in an oasis of peace. The restaurants with terrace in Barcelona generally have a small space, we offer you a very New York experience. In New York, entering Central Park does not seem to be in the capital of the world. Well, on our terrace we wanted to emulate that feeling. While you enjoy the exquisite food or a drink, you will be transported to Collserola or Montseny for a moment, then return to the routine.

Enjoy a sublime dining experience in our restaurant. Everything adds up to the L’Illa de Rossello restaurant. Our gastronomic offer added to a good attention and that we also offer you this beautiful space so you can truly disconnect from the city, we can delight all your senses.

In our comfortable and functional terrace, you can also make some kind of celebration. Enjoy a quiet Sunday afternoon in the city or one of those long summer nights, everything is possible in our restaurant. We have spaces that adapt to everything you can look for: open, closed, private, bright … we have everything.